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Whether you’re looking to improve your physical fitness or maintain exercise while receiving treatment, Denise Chakoian can help. Indoor Cycling Training in Rhythm, and Performance; TRX Training, Bootcamp; Fitbench and Treads Classes, and more.

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Finding strength in fitness

What makes 1:1 training unique to Fitness? I know that 1:1. Training can be a financial commitment, but the learning curve in fitness, sports, or honing in on a specific training you are looking for can be worth your personal journey. Having 1:1. specific training is extremely focused, personal and you take the journey with your clients. To see progression in a client is extremely rewarding not only for the client but for myself and monitoring the development of strength, flexibility, and power can set a client up for success.

I have had many clients for over 15 years who have been through life changes and we have managed it together with grace.

Cancer Exercise Training

Being a Cancer Exercise Specialist can help those not only getting diagnosed with Cancer initially but navigate their strength and flexibility program moving forward. I am a specialist in all cancer diagnoses and post-surgical care. I work with you to be sure you are taking things slowly and in the correct progression for your diagnosis.

Health Evaluation

My health evaluation for the Cancer Exercise Training includes a phone/zoom screening, as well as a packet of questions for us to get started on your journey.

Custom Exercise Program

Cancer Exercise Specialist Training has allowed me to work extensively with Cancer patients to bring their mobility and movement back during chemo or post-surgery.

In-Person Training

In-person Cancer Exercise Training will include an evaluation of mobility, adema release, and evaluation of where the training will begin based on the current status. There will be progressions as the training moves forward with care and safety.

Personal Training

Fitness Assessment

Personal Training Fitness Assessment consists of cardiovascular testing, flexibility test, strength test, and a full in-body fitness assessment.

Custom Exercise Program

Your custom program will begin with the "Pyramid Program" of the body. We will begin with Strength, Flexibility, and Power


Creating Milestones in your "Exercise Journey" is very important for success! Having milestones can set you up for increased progression and in the time frame that is safe and successful for your body. Having things to work on week after week or month after month can not only keep your body strong but your mind and spirit.

What Clients are Saying


Client since 2007

"I started working out at Core Studio soon after Denise opened her original studio in Wayland Square. At first I was taking group classes that she taught (spinning & boot camp), and then I added personal training to my schedule. From the first time I walked through the front door, her focus has always been on the health and wellbeing of her client. I was amazed at the positive impact she has had on my fitness and mental health. The studio feels like an extended family and I look forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts on a regular basis. Denise has the ability to bring out the best in a person, whether its inspiration through exercise or motivation in life challenging events, I walk out the studio feeling refreshed and ready to challenge the day."

Robbie L.

Client since 2007

"I have been a client of Denise since she first opened CORE in Wayland Sq many years ago. She is an incredible woman, friend and trainer who has somehow been able to keep me motivated to show up through soreness, surgeries and even a pandemic!!! I feel fortunate to have found such a smart, talented and caring person to work with and I look forward to continuing our work together! Thank you Denise!!!"

Amey L.

Client since 2007

"Denise is an amazing teacher and trainer. She brings an unflagging energy to every class and motivates you to push yourself. You leave one of her strength training classes filled with a real sense of accomplishment. Feeling strong gives you such a mental boost--something that is so needed in these difficult times--and that's what Denise's classes do for you. She's fantastic."

Amy O.

Client since 2009

"I have been a CORE client since relocating from Chicago to Providence in 2009. Cycling has always been one of my favorite workouts and I had been looking for a new studio in Providence not long after getting settled.

My first class at CORE turned into many, many more over the past 13 years. The studio quickly became my go-to location due to its friendly community, knowledgeable and supportive trainers, and varied class structure.

With Denise as my personal trainer, I’ve been able to customize my fitness routine for optimal results and sustained motivation over the years. CORE offers best-in-class instruction and equipment combined with a clean and welcoming environment.

I’m incredibly grateful for the CORE community and its positive impact on my life, including increased physical and mental well-being. It’s now a key part of my established, healthy lifestyle and I am thankful to have found such a wonderful place."

Lewis W.

Client since 2010

"I have known and trained with Denise for almost 12 years, both in group and personal training sessions. It is no understatement to say she has truly changed my life in many ways. She helped me learn to dig in deeper to find inner strength, discipline and a level of fitness which has become part of my daily life. It has enabled me to push myself in both physical and personal pursuits over the years. She has remarkable knowledge, insight and expertise around fitness, nutrition, self motivation, and learning to redirect thought patterns and inner energy. This has helped me raise the bar of commitment and work to achieve higher goals of fitness, strength and agility. This "tool kit" becomes a source of inner strength in keeping fit, active and pursuing sports whether with family, or achieving personal goals in skiing or biking. I often tell her I "Channel my inner Denise" during these activities or personal workouts, helping me push harder or longer, even when difficult, by chanting her mantra: "What if you had to?" Denise has helped reinforce the belief that we all are stronger and more capable than we know, and that self care can unlock a fuller potential in our every day lives and personal health. I am a physician, and her lessons have helped inform me to guide and educate my patients to achieve similar goals. Denise is professional, smart, and able to offer caring, "tough love" in pushing us to reach our potential. I feel grateful and blessed to have her in my corner as trainer and friend."

Kristen L.

Client since 2012

"CORE is a community where all levels of fitness are accepted. The classes and private training have helped me strengthen my body in the healthiest way possible. Denise and her team inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. Being a part of this positive and encouraging community is invaluable and will help you reach all of your goals."

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