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We are here to help! Whether you are looking for management training or fitness training in an existing studio, or you are looking to open your own studio, we will help you navigate all of the steps you will need!

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More Than 15 Years of Experience

Owning my own business for 16 years has taught me a lot about myself and others. Owning your own business might seem like it is easy or I should say easier than working for someone else. The first thing is that you will learn a lot about customer service, managing others within your own business, and communication skills will be your strongest skill. Even after 16 years, I am still learning, however, I feel that I have been able to test out many ways in managing and development within the studio from front desk to programming. Many different elements bring the business together from hiring, training the day-to-day, and programming all of the fitness elements within the studio. I want to help others navigate their dream place with all of my knowledge and experience while listening and being supportive to the client.

Management Consultation

Whether opening a new studio, or need to elevate your existing studio, we are here to provide step by step help.

Front Desk Procedures

Customer Service is our specialty and can bring your studio to the best in the biz! Training in policy and procedures, to organization, team building, and day to day business practices.

MindBody & Fitmetrics Integration

Learning the day to day operating mode of Mindbody scheduling and payment processing procedures, including Fitmetrix fitness scheduler and tracking software.

E-Commerce Setup

Want to have on online Boutique? Let us help navigate your boutique online purchasing and shipping process.

Group Fitness Programming

We will help with not only hiring procedures, but how to put together your group fitness schedule to accommodate your studio’s needs. We will help with everything from training to programming your studio’s specific modality of training.

Style Consulting

Let's create your style of teaching and training to match your studio's brand.

Rhythm and Performance

Ride to the beat? or let's take the ride to a performance level. Either way, we got you! We will review choreography, stage presence, music quality, and voice training.

Bootcamp/HIIT Training

We will review form, building workouts and specific training needed for your personal brand


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